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Hi! I’m Paula J. Eastman, owner of PJE Wellness for You, LLC. I’m so excited that you’re ready to start your journey towards your healthiest life. It doesn’t matter what has brought you to this point, the past is behind you but the present and future is our focus.

I recently retired from a long and fulfilling career in education. Over the past thirty-three years I had the pleasure of working with thousands of people in my roles at a teacher, a coach, an athletic director and a building principal. I was blessed with diverse opportunities to help people achieve success in and out of the classroom or on the athletic fields. I listened, watched and grew from each of those interactions, building my skills for whatever I faced next. I was devoted and passionate about process of change with an attitude of what’s possible instead of the negative. I’d say that attitude carries over from my own athletic experiences.

I loved sports from as far back as I can imagine. Little League through college, you’d find me playing something especially softball and basketball. As I got older I dabbled in running 5Ks, half-marathons, and even 1 full marathon. I was never fast and participated to challenge myself with a goal of completion and the slim possibly improving my own time. Then, having been a pool rat, I thought why not try a sprint triathlon….then a Half Iron Man? You probably noticed a pattern that I like challenges, taking risks, and pushing the limits. To me, that’s what life is all, about trying it all. What’s the worst thing that can happen? I could fail but at least I tried and had fun.

It might sound like this lady has it all together but like you, I hit a slump. After I suffered a string of injuries including a bicycle crash, I gained a substantial amount of weight and could hardly recognize myself. I stopped doing the things I enjoyed and became less social. Honestly, I was miserable. I didn’t like how I looked or felt. I knew I had to make serious changes or I could be facing medical complication. I tried restrictive fad diets, purchased expensive processed meal plans, and counted "points". I had some success but once I stopped or veered off the plan – you know what happened because it happened to you too – I gained all the weight plus more back.

I had moments of discouragement and was ready to give up at times, until I looked inside and said this isn’t me and fought back, regaining myself, my health, and ultimately my purpose of starting PJE Wellness for You, LLC. I became a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Making the commitment to help other to avoid the same mistakes I made. You don’t need to go through this alone and take unnecessary time suffering like I did. You’re worth making the commitment and those you love deserve the best you. My husband, sons, and family/friends were so proud to have me back.

Today, I really am living my best life. I lost 80 lbs. and have kept it off for five years, survived menopause, and regained my active life-style without beating up on my body like I used to. I love walking with my dogs, playing golf, taking yoga classes, and hiking. I totally embrace being outside in every season. I started skiing again making our cold winters in New York enjoyable (ok bearable). I’ve also incorporated meditation into my everyday life.

Have you noticed that I haven’t remarked on what I eat? That’s because I made changes about how much goes in my mouth as much the what food I’m eating. My overall diet is healthier incorporating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I avoid consuming fast food but I still enjoy ice-cream but a select a small cone as a special treat instead of frequent giant sundae. Ultimately, it comes down to the choices that I make in fueling my body. I’m much more responsible of my choices and definitely meal prep to ensure I remain on that path.

Now what about you? Take the step towards your success by booking your Health and Wellness Clarity call by clicking below. You’re worth it and I’m here to help get you there! Let’s stop wasting time and get started now.

Headshot of Paula
Headshot of Paula

Paula J. Eastman

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Paula is a certified Health and Wellness Coach. She has successfully completed the necessary course and practicum. Having a passion for learning and meeting the needs of her clients, Paula added additional certifications to her repertoire including Nutrition Coach and Happiness Coach. She is currently working towards her certification as Menopause Specialist. Finally, Paula completed MBSR training, Mindful Based Stress Reduction.

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